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Mobile Blog Money Review – Bonus

Mobile Blog Money Review – Bonus

Mobile Blog Money Review

This post is about Chris W – Mobile Blog Money Review.Click below if you are searching for:

Mobile Blog Money Review – What Is Mobile Blog Money?

The new program from Chris W, is soon to launch and it promises to bring you everything you need to know about blogging. It comes pack with all the techniques you need to know about blogging and making money with your blog. Most importantly this program addresses how you can monetize from mobile blogging.


mobile blog money Review


Mobile Blog Money Review – Why Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is an enormous opportunity for any sized business.

Here are the facts:

  • There are 272 million mobile subscribers in the USA. Ninety-one percent of them keep their mobile phones within three feet of themselves 24 hours a day, 365 days per week.
  • More than 65% of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device in May 2011. In fact, many people text more than talk on their cell phones.
  • Text Messages have a 97% open rate.
  • More than 49 million people in the U.S. own smartphones.
  • Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt recently announced that Google will consider “mobile first” in all future endeavors.
  • Anything Google creates from now on will be first developed on the mobile platform and then be adapted for the desktop…Google is focusing all their resources on mobile. This alone should tell you where the market is headed.
  • World wide there are 5 billion people with cell phones.
  • There are nearly five times more mobile phones than laptops and computers.

Mobile Blog Money Review – Mobile Blog Money How It Works?

Mobile Blog Money allows you to create quality mobile websites,landing pages and squeeze pages.If you have a website(blog) you can transform the website in a mobile website(blog).

When a mobile user browse the internet he will recive ads along with the content they are reading.That`s where we advertise our website,affiliate page or opt-in page.
You will use a Ad Network.This is a CPC method.You will only pay for clicks even if your website is displayed hundreds of thousands of time.

You will also can use Text Message Marketing – you can ad in your opt-in form a phone number field.


Mobile Blog Money Review – Tools

Mobile Blog Money Review Tool #1 – The Builder – Here you will get mobile pages and templates in different niches

Mobile Blog Money Review Tool #2 – The Buyer SniperYou will learn how to reach the buyer traffic in your niche as with billions of mobile users you can get a lot of traffic but only a very few percentage of them are buyers

Mobile Blog Money Review Tool #3 – The Automator – This tool will allow you to copy and paste the same steps over and over again .

Mobile Blog Money Review Tool #4The Competition Rework – This one will allow you to make benefits of the high competition in your niche and use this to your advantage to get more traffic.


Mobile Blog Money Review – Conclusion

As a conclusion, not only mobile marketing is the fastest growing marketing methods in the United States, is to have such extreme potential may very well be able to apply all the same strategy used in internet marketing today. This is one of the methods that all businesses should seriously consider whether they want to see the business they survive for years to come.




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