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Commission Killer Review – Bonus

Commission Killer Review – Bonus

Commission Killer Review

This post is about Craig Kaye and Rob Walker – Commission Killer Review.Click below if you are searching for:

Commission Killer Review – Craig Kaye and Rob Walker

Craig Kaye is known for successful products launches, and has had an incredible launch history with such products as “Commission Black OPS” and the even Bigger Commission Maniac. With all the latest Clickbank changes to get rid of the low quality, and scammy products off the shelf, it doesn’t phase Craig at all, as a matter of fact he feels that the Commission Killer will topple all other product launches, and become Clickbank’s #1 selling product!

Rob Walker already launched one very famous but same time controversal product in the summer of 2011. It was called Commission Black OPS and was basically one of the first complete site-builder-systems. It was really a controversal product, many people used this product quite successfully while also a number of people called it a scam. I used it by myself and generally it wasn’t a scam. But it had some weak points which were needed to improve. From this time on more and more systems with similar functions came along and so it became silent around Commission Black OPS.

Commission Killer Review – What Is Commission Killer

Inside the package you will get an auto website builder software, exact match domain tool, Clickbank product finder tool, content & video auto posting tool along with spinner and bonus killer strategies.

You just need to set it once and have no need to do anything because the system will posted lots of unique contents and videos on regular basis to your site automatically to make it content rich,

Inside Commission Killer member area you will find The Bridge Software, Exact Match Domain Tool, Clickbank Product Finder Tool, Training videos, Bonus Killer Strategies and Customer Support.

Through this software you can easily build Google friendly website or blog, select theme and colors, choose niche, fix your affiliate or adsense ID, find & filter high gravity Clickbank products, pull articles from different articles directories, spin articles through internal spinner, post articles & videos on your website and make different cash ads setups.

Commission Killer Review – Auto Website Builder Software : Using this software you will be able to create instant and nice looking websites very easily.This is helpful for people that don’t have html skills.

Commission Killer Review – Exact Match Domain Tool : this tool will generate recommended domain names available for SEO purposes.

Commission Killer Review – Clickbank Product Finder Tool : This will filter the good products on Clickbank to promote.

Commission Killer Review – Automatic content tool : This tool will keep posting fresh contents on your website.

Commission Killer Review – Automatic Video Producer Tool : This is the same as the auto content tool, but obviously for generating videos.

Commission Killer Review – Content Spinner Tool : This tool within Commision Killer will automatically rewrite your article to eliminate duplicate content.





Commission Killer Review


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