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Backlink Strategy – Social bookmarking

Backlink Strategy – Social bookmarking

Every time you publish content anywhere on the net, whether it is on your own site, an article on a directory or a video that you have submitted to one of the major video networks, you must send information about what you have done to the major social bookmarking sites.
These sites are amongst the most popular on the net, places where millions of people gather every day to find others who have similar interests to themselves. When they do so, they are likely to follow that other person’s recommendations to view videos, read articles and news stories, with the option of voting them up or down if they like or dislike the materials in question.
When you submit information about your content to the social bookmarking sites, if it is added to the site, it creates a back link to a page on your site as well (remember, send some links to internal pages on your site as well).
It can also send thousands of visitors to your site in a very short space of time but for the majority of online marketers, the primary focus is on using social sites for one-way back links.
There are however a couple of problems which you need to overcome to make this work as effectively as it can.

The first problem is that some sites do not like (or in some cases even allow) you to submit information about your own content materials. The idea is that other people should do the job for you, as this is seen to represent a positive vote in favor of your contents.
Secondly, some social bookmarking site members are notoriously difficult and hypercritical, so that it is often very easy for your materials to get ‘bombed’ from the site which means that your link will disappear.
There is unfortunately very little that you can do about the second problem, but there is plenty you can do about the first one.
There are hundreds of social sites, whilst there are also several online submission services through which you can submit your information to many social bookmarking sites at the same time. Most of these submission services are manual or semi automated at best, but using them will make the job of submitting your information to a number of social sites at the same time considerably easier.
As an example, Social Poster allows you to post your information to the 79 social sites shown on the homepage, although to make every individual submission, you have to log in to each manually:

Alternatively, you could automate the process using either Magic Submitter. The only time that you should submit information about your site to all of the social bookmarking sites is when you first launch it. Thereafter, every time you submit a link to your content to the social sites, you should limit your submission to perhaps half a dozen randomly chosen sites for every submission.

However, as you have built 10 satellite sites and have content materials being published all over the web (on different article directories and video networking sites, for example), you are still going to be submitting an awful lot of information, which could make it look like you are spamming.
To avoid this, you might consider creating several different accounts with the major social sites that you want your information to go to so that every time you submit, you can do so under a different username.

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