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Auto Binary Bot Review – Any Good?

Auto Binary Bot Review – Any Good?

Auto Binary Bot Review

This post is about Dan SantosAuto Binary Bot.Click below if you are searching for:

Auto Binary Bot Review – What Is Auto Binary Bot?

In just a couple weeks since we saw the first Binary Options software,here’s another one hitting the shelves!It looks like a lot of people have discovered that there was a lot of money to be made in Binary Options and they’ve been putting a lot of work in to it ever since!This is a completely hands free solution. If you’re a trader…it doesn’t matter if it’s just FX, a trader is a trader…then you need to see this.


Auto Binary Bot Review



So i`m back with my Auto Binary Bot Review.Below is a screenshot for Auto Binary Bot Software


Auto Binary Bot Software


So now let me explain all the tabs of the Auto Binary Bot Software

    1. Trading Charts(MAIN) – Trading Charts will be the main section for you to play around with various assets/instruments and take a quick snapshot of current call
    2. Trading Signals(SIGNAL) – All signals of all assets are listed / alerted chronologically (reverse) in this section.Here you will find a complete list of latest recent trading signals in reverse chronological order. All times are shown in GMT (London time) and you can also see the timeframe associated with every signal (usually 15 minutes)
    3. Market Sentiment – Auto Binary Bot lets you see what other people think about a particular asset and encourages colloborative trading
    4. Economic Calendar(NEWS) – It is important for you to keep an eye on news events around the trading world.


Update November I – 22 , 2012

So i`ve opened an accout with a deposit $1000.I will post my result later today with screenshots!


Auto Binary Bot Trades


What I don`t like about this software is that I only received signals Stocks.So far I have done 4 transactions. Win rate is 1/3. I don`t like that.The last signal for a forex pair was today at 04:15 GMT.

Update II – November 22 , 2012

I`m back again…so today…i`m in profit +$292.00.That`s it for today.I’ll be at work tomorrow, so I will not post any results.

Talk Monday!


Auto Binary Bot Results



Auto Binary Bot Review – Auto Binary Bot User Reviews

If you have any information about Auto Binary Bot that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Auto Binary Bot Review below. Generally the products that get the most posts are obviously the most popular but keep in mind there are many products that don’t have the hype but certainly have the profit.


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  1. At least you have the guts to put your money where your mouth is! I have been searching through numerous so called A.B.B. review sites and every one up until yours was not a true review at all, but simply used unqualified sales jargon to try to get me to purchase this bot through their link. I have been burned too many times to ever purchase online trading products again without researching how other traders are finding the performance standards of these products. I would love to find a truly genuinely good review of this product and then would not hesitate to purchase it. It is very disappointing to find that most review sites are not review sites at all but simply sales sites geared to take the unsuspecting newbies money from them. I shall continue to watch your site with interest regarding this product. I do find it rather odd however, that the product has been available for a week now, and I cannot find evidence on any review site of any actual users results. You would think that with the short term expiry nature of binary options trades taken given a lot are in the range of 15 minutes to 1 hour that there would have been some post-able A.B.Bot trades completed by now??

  2. I echo what you are saying Murry. This ABB might be the greatest thing since sliced bread but without some proof of some sort I thing the judges are still out.

    • Murry You are right there,and I’ve already raised my other observations in another review site of this product, it seems nobody is really stating what this A.B.Bot really is, they never say if it auto trades for the user or is it a trading strategy/system one has to learn how to use? And if it’s a manual system why call it auto+bot? I’m really ready to buy the ABB if it really works, so I need to read reviews from the real users not marketers!

  3. The vendor claims that it has around 99% win prediction rate, especially if you upgrade from 37.00 to 77.00, but you need to commit both sums of money to get that upgrade. The result is never what they claim, so far i haven’t made any money on this bot, it wins the occasional trade! The quality of this software is a lot to be desired, when the software predict Currencies, i notice that the price graph tends to freeze up.

  4. I bought and installed autobinary bot so far all i can see is outdated signals that never change until the next day. the customer service gets right back but are not much help. i have emailed them several times.

  5. What shall we do with these people?They claimed heaven is here on earth with us but as we approach to have a look? Behold it’s hell we see! I’ve tried another bot too called ‘option bot’that was free trial anyway, and I did it not with the real money,the platform do freeze immediately you open your trade that means you’ll not be able to follow your trades,however you’ll still get your result at the expiration of the trade.

    The first day the result was so good and impressive,but from the next day on wards the result became highly unpredictable that at the end of the trial 7 day period I lost a total of 25 percent of my trial capital.One thing more, I made a complain about the freezing platform and got no reply on that.But i’m not sad because I didn’t spend any money on that.

    • Jaymac: I am also testing “Option Bot”. When you receive a signal, the expiry time is ~15-30 min away, and I am not sure when to enter. Should I enter only few secs before trade is getting closed or immediately after receiving the signal as instructions say. Around market (US or Euro or London) open time, the market is so volatile that the signals are screwed up. I think we have to make our own judgment by looking at the chart/trend before entering. If that is the case, then why do we need any signal service? My experience with “Option Bot” on my demo account was not that good. Regarding freezing up your screen is something to do with the speed of your computer. Though, you will be logged out every after few minutes if you are not active. Let us watch “Auto Binary Bot” performance.

  6. There looks to be quite a bit of trade activity since I posted my first comment. It would appear from the last screen shot that there have been 57 trades completed with a profit of $292 which is very good for one day given a stating balance of $1k. I am assuming that Review4bonus has the A.B.B. software linked into the Option Fair Platform to place these trades automatically. Did you purchase just the basic version or any upsells as well? I notice that there are different position sizing’s, does A.B.B. use some sort of a Martingale system for losing trades, and how is the risk % set in the A.B.B. software? I currently have a Banc de Binary Demo platform so I am interested to know what the procedure is to accomplish this for whatever broker platform is being used. Also, during those 57 trades, can you please tell me what the maximum drawdown was? I’m looking forward to seeing your results and the results of others on this sight over the next few days.

  7. Okay i bought the Auto Binary Bot software today November 27 at around 4pm. Right after i completed the purchase, I was brought to 3 diffeerent pages with 3 UP SELLS for $77, $97 and $37. Of course i didnt pay attention to those upsells because i hate upsells. I used it for about 3 hours and lost 90% of the trades. The signals for currencies says “Call” all the time no matter how long its been. That makes no sense to me. If the signal never changes while the market is always changing, then how do you expect me to win most of the trades. So I went back to clickbank and got my money refunded at around 8pm. This is ridiculous

    • hey,

      i share most of ur pain as well.

      You know what method is that? Anyone can create a bot like this and sell. The theory behind it is so lame.
      U keep buying up, sooner or later its gonna be up.
      Cos market moves up down up down.
      So u see red bar, green bar, red, red, green, red etc.
      So if u keep buying or selling, u sure hit some.
      And even if its at 40-50% hit rate, people will think it works, just give it time, over the long haul it might just work.

      So once u tried it long enough, the refund period is over and u find out u still havent made money, then u cant refund and they earn from you.

      That my fren is how the internet marketing world works.

      I was from internet marketing, then i came to investing and trading.

      But i say 1st, i have never touched on “making money” niche, becos to be honest 99.9% of the products out there are just garbage.

  8. Wow, an actual review site with realistic reviews. Was looking at this product but won’t waste my time since some people took the time to post their experience. Thanks

  9. There are fundamentals that apply to binary trading and most of these fundamentals would be considered flaws. How much leverage is being applied to your trade? Do you know? It become far easier to trade binary options profitably if you know the best time to trade which currency pair. Do you know? Sure, it’s true that the currency market (s) are ‘active’ 24 hours a day. That doesn’t mean that anytime, 24 hours, is a good time to make money in the market YOU are wanting to trade. You absolutely need to learn this. Currencies can be affected dramatically by ‘news’. If you don’t understand this, your trade can be dramatically affected. This is a reason why a ‘bot’ can let you down. Know your news days and have the discipline to stay out of currencies just prior to a news announcement. The markets are prone to wild gyrations that can move against you during news periods.

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