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60 Second Profits is a high paced currency trading strategy that allows traders to yield a profit every 60 seconds. Using this 60 Second Profits Binary Options System, Keith Jones is making $80-$150 per hour trading currencies.




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  1. I found the 60 second profits method the other day (I’m on Keith’s mailing list). I had previously tried his Lazy Day Trader method, which is basically the same thing on 15 minute expirys. To me this method is much better suited to the 60 second trading. I signed up with Trade Rush and got their 24 hour demo account. My first session I made $159 in one hour. I came back later and was trading during the Asian session. This time I actually had a loss at step 5. Probably a good idea to stick with the London and US sessions. Two other times at step 5 were nail biters, just turning around in the last 2 seconds to win.
    The next morning I got up for the start of the US session, and made $250 in a little over an hour. I am definitely going to try this with real money. Heck, even if you did have an occasional loss, the system works so well and is so low risk, you’d still come out way ahead.
    Coincidentally, I got an email yesterday from iOption saying that they are now offering 60 second trading as well. I imagine that more brokers will be offering this in the future.

  2. I tried it on the demo account. Seems to work pretty well in the beginning. But there a few flaws I’d like to point out

    1. You can suffer loss at step 5 which is a big loss to your account. This loss happens often enough for me to doubt his claim
    2. Keith does not tell you what to do in the event that 1 of your 2 trades in step 4 suffers a loss or tie
    3. Related to flaw#1, Keith also does not tell you what to do if you lose in step 5.

    For your information, I was trading with a 85% bias on put and still suffered loss at step 5.
    I’m gonna steer clear of this.

    • Yes, good idea to steer clear of this.
      I opened up a $500 demo and soon lost half the account when getting on the $100 trades.
      I emailed Keith about it but as expected received no reply.
      This is quite obviously a BS system and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  3. I have been demoing 60 Second Profits using Banc De Binary. They give you a 50K demo account with no expiration, upon a minimum deposit of $500.00. I used it one morning when I got home from work and in demo I made $268.00 in one hour. I went live and lost on step 5 right away. I attributed that to the drag on the platform as the 60 second clock was stopping for a few seconds at at time. I went back into demo and the platform was dragging as well and I lost on step 5 on the first series. Since then I have been in demo mode and I don’t know how Keith Jones can make the claim you will win step 5 100% of the time, as I have only been winning it about 50% of the time. Since I have a generous demo balance and no time limits on the demo account, I’ll keep testing, but so far this looks like a loser. I wonder how many takes it took Keith to video a successful 15 minute segment, where he didn’t lose on step 5. He needs to answer up for his 100% win rate on step 5, when it obviously isn’t a 100% winner.

  4. I found Keiths system on a Friday afternoon and traded with a £200 account up to £269 in just a few passes once it went to £100 trade and it won. I thought I’d found sopmething so went back into it on Monday morning and rapidly lost around £180. Don’t see how keith can state 100% guarantee on winning the £100 trade. I traded quickly and lost very little movement in the trades so the system just doesn’t woprk as described. Feel a bit conned yet again. Maybe there is a good and bad time to trade ? don’t know

  5. Seen this but am concerned that this is a martingale system in essence – enough to get some good wins but it seems to me a system simply to rake in affiliate profits to the sellers for feeding in new sign ups. I truly would like to be wrong but am not going to touch this. good luck to those that are using this.

  6. Stay well clear of Keith Jones. Both of the free option trading systems will lose you money. He makes money from the recommended platform when new recruits open a real money. A percentage of demo users will win and go on to open live accounts Keith jones then earns a commission.

  7. Same happened to me… i applied the system in a traderush demo account, i made like 300€ in a morning. Later, when i applied the system again, i went 2 times to the 100€ bet and lost… what makes in the end loss. There was times were it would just come at 7th or 9th step!

  8. I tried out the 60 second profits method several times – fortunately only on paper-trades. Within a few hours there were several situations, where I lost more than 5 trades in one. It simply means that this method doesn’t work. If you have luck, it works for a time, but sooner or later you lose also the last of the 5 trades and you can trade hours and hours again, until you MAY be back where you were before (if your are lucky and it doesn’t happen the same again). This is frustrating and no method. It is the same, as I play with red and black in an online-casino (only that they give me 100% and not 70% if I win).

  9. I was doing 60 sec platform for few weeks with KJ strategy. I came with some profits and form the exp. I had to say that that 5th step isn’t 100% but its more than 70% so u have more chance to win on it then lose for 16 times that I got on 5th step I lose 3 times, 1 tie and rest won. The thing is u need to win 4 times on step 5 and that’s 16 min to make 140 $ ,but u can lose them in 4 min if u don’t get step 5 so after some time u’ll see that u r running in circles or u’ll make very little profit like I did, but not as close as KJ says 7000$ a week u can try it but don’t expect to make fortune :-D

  10. Tried this 60 seconds system of Keith Jones today on TradeRush, but have to say that his 5th step didn’t work for me (when it failed, I kept on trying with 100 euro – he didn’t bother to give instructions as to what to do when step 5 failed, because he claims it’s 100 % sure to work…). Anyway, after a few hours of trying his system, I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work. Because they put 500,000 euro on my demo account (half a million, wow, felt really rich!) I could afford to make ‘bets’ of 500 euro and so I started to use the 60 second binary options as a gambling machine (never been to a casino, but that’s how it feels when rich people go there, I guess). Between 10 pm and midnight today (8 pm and 10 pm their time – GMT) I lost 13,000 euro and, even if it wasn’t ‘for real’, I didn’t like the feeling of that. Then I really started gambling, by playing strictly intuitive and at midnight I had 550,000 euro in my account! Don’t know what to think of all this, but I know one thing for sure: it must be nice when you can take, say, 20,000 euro (or dollars) one night and start doing what I did today (with ‘fake money’). Tomorrow I will do some further testing with smaller ‘bets’ (no more wild gambling); maybe instead of using 100 euro for step 5, I’ll use 50 instead. Will post the results here soon.

  11. Hi guys, I’m back with the final update about my demo account at TradeRush. To keep it short: when I logged out a few minutes ago, there was exactly 506.049,79 euro in my account, meaning I’ve won 6.049,79 euro in ONE DAY! I know this sounds over the top, but the truth is the truth (took screen shots along the way, so I can show this to my friends, because they would never believe it either, otherwise). How did this happen? Main part of this money I earned by trading with 500 euro, using a strategy called ‘Rapid Fire Trading’ (found out that I was using this strategy, while searching the net with Google). It boils down to waiting for the line in the graph to reach a peak or low and then ‘fire’ something like 4-6 trades in a row, as fast as possible. After a while of trying things out, I felt more and more relaxed while placing my ‘bets’ and during the last 1 1/2 hour won around 420 euro, simply by using my own judgement and not placing bets higher than 25-50, with an occasional 100-200 thrown in when the graph made a really quick drop or high point. Love this! Too bad I had a big set-back last year, so now I couldn’t even afford a real deposit of a few hundred euro. But I’ll do it as soon as possible – meanwhile I’ll keep practicing with demo accounts… Hope this info is useful for someone here. Good luck people!

  12. Well i believe Ronald system is more profitable because trends happen, and thats what its all about. Im a roullete player and believe it or not forex trading and roullete have pretty much in common. There are streaks, there are chops and there are patterns. I can see them and recognise them when i see a forex graph. Im sure there is a way to implement such playing style in forex too. As i see it, Ronald system is about chops. F.e UP/DOWN/UP/DOWN/UP/DOWN/DOWN DOWN so he is trying to do something i call “Ride the lightning”. See where the trend goes. try to follow it hoping it will go down or up for a few steps. Like roullete. Yes its a guess. but its an educated guess. Keith system should win some of the time ,but pure martingale is not the way-small profits-big losses.

  13. Hi…. I started on this and tried demo for one afternoon and took a profit of a couple hundred. Step 5 came up twice and just won by a whisker both times… So decided on real account and lost $800! It went to step 5 4 times in space of an hour and I lost all 4! Was not happy… I wish that happened on Demo… so then thinking about it… if Keith claims this to be 100% winner why would you not put all your money on Step 5? I mean he is saying you are 100% guaranteed to win on the 5th Step! Don’t know where he got these percentage rates from? This just shows that this system is rubbish and he just wants to make money on commissions! I bet he does not use this system… and Yes he does not reply to emails!

  14. I tried demo for two hours with another broker 14 winner 2 looser. I followed Keith 60 seconds method and use my own strategy and came out with profit. Step 5 never came up with my own strategy.

  15. how can keith say he has made all his balance as sheer profits when clearly he would of had to pay an initial deposit! and if that deposit was substantial he might have made nothing!

  16. You know what Mummy said, ” if it looks too good to be true,it most probably is”. Grow up lads and lassies,the only one making money is K.J., Oh and the platform. You win ,you lose,they get their cut,that’s why you keep receiving the emails from the guy, he is not in it for you to get rich, he’s in it for you to join all the other suckers. Oh and just try Google earth on the address they give in Milton Keynes,not exactly Millionaire Row is it??, By the way do a google on “What is a Martingale strategy”

  17. Thanks everyone, useful comments to note just before i trial the system. Atique can i ask how your strategy differs

  18. Hi Tim

    My strategy based on 1M chart up trend only

  19. I have opened account Keith Jones link website. I have not yet received confirmation from KJ.To be honest I would like to share Live screen or video while KJ trading Trade Rush platform. It is very important what will happen when you loose $100 step 5 (equity hard earning $500).I hope KJ will appreciate my comment because I am on state pension.

    • Yes I am human….. Atique like you I am on fixed income and looking an honest system how does your system work? have you anything new on profit in 60secs……I am new to this….care to correspond….all the best…

  20. I have received email from Keith Jones and he made $29856 in August 60 binary options method strategy leveraged $5 I would like see Trade Rush statement of account or screen shot.

  21. kj system does not work i lost 3000 dollars following kj method,i rather go to casino to lose money than use kj method.

  22. So many so called trading websites are fronts or owned by Traderush and similar companies and carry advertising for them. Testimonials are just invented. They know people will be searching for ‘Traderush scam’ and like many companies in similar industries they own or control dozens of not hundreds of ‘catch all ‘sites with reassuring messages promising TradeRush to be ’100% legit’ etc.

    Google ‘Traderush scam’ and you will soon discover how this unregulated cyprus based operation stings its victims. The basic concept is to get people to invest once, inflate the winnings, cold call them to promote larger investment, and if they refuse to then manipulate the results online to lose their intial deposit. This is the old ‘ you can only con the b*stards twice’ sales gimmick and the net is littered with stories of people conned into the system thru greed. Keith Jones and such are simply aliases of people connected to TradeRush. Nothing he says can be trusted as the intention is simply to obtain money from you for TradeRush. This is a similar structure to other offshore scams like de Vere Group.

    ASK yourself IF it was this EASY wouldn’t half the planet be doing this at home for a few hours rather than working in shops, offices and factories… it’s a CON… wise up, nothing for nothing..

  23. Let’s be quite clear – saying you will win 100% of his ‘step 5′ is a complete lie. I was passed on to ‘keith jones’ site by someone who now denies it – KJ sends me emails soliciting testimonials but I have been quite unable to deliver any emails to him – all have been sent back by Mailer-Daemon – why would that be? The whole thing stinks!

  24. hh guys, do u think itd be a good idea to bet in th opposite direction on step 5? Dont u think it might work out better?

  25. Hi everyone, thank you for your valuable information. I am very positive about binary options,but I just don’t know how to make them profitable so far. Yesterday I opened up an account with TradeRush for 300.00. I received calls from two nice employees. I probably won’t hear from anyone again since I don’t have a lot of money to invest. Yesterday and today I have done nothing in Traderush but lose all my my money but $23.00 trying various techniques. i plan on trying the “rapid fire trading” technique mentioned by Ronald. Any new suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you all, and good luck to each and everyone of us.

  26. Just seen the 60 second system and intrigued.
    Just don’t understand how anyone can make the 100% claim
    I have just used MetaTrader to list the details of the minute chart.
    Clearly I don’t have access to whether a PUT or CALL should be used but my analysis showed that regardless whether I used all PUTS or all CALLS I hit the $100 level approx 3.5% of the 66,000+ data points.

    Based on that information alone there would be too many $100 losses but by pointing in the right direction to start with could well be a reasonable proposition.

  27. I went with the demo acct. at traderush and had great success and of coarse became very excited,(just what they wanted).Made over$200 in one particular hour. Lost a couple $100 trades but felt I had maybe been too slow on them,or a TIE screwed me up. So I went live and everything was different, timing between clicks, the visible on screen numbers did not match the figures upon expirey so hard to tell where you really are as far as being ready to fire with speed,I cvould be right on with my timing and be as much as ten points off my previous closeing price. Sad, so very sad, unfortunatly there is a Keith Jones in almost every town,we’ll never find him!

  28. I have tried the system. Won on several $5 options, won on some $10 options, $25 never and $100 lost every thing. System is very suspect and a scam in a big way.If it is so good a better explaination is required and how can you promise $100 option cannot miss.I find interesting that it works on 75% – 25% better ratio.Why was this not explained by Keith.I would like some feed back that can be viewed and not doctored with the results. I will only give another try with results that can be backed up and verified.Maybe as system is free,what can you expect. Some people how can they sleep when they offer these scams.

  29. whether you trade mutual funds, stocks, futures, forex you will get losses and your win/loss ratio must be 80% – 85% to make profits and is considered gambling but we have charts and indicators to help us make our choices.

    60 second trading needs only a small 67% win/loss ratio to make profits and is gambling like rolling dice as no chart analysis is done before making the trade.

    BE CAREFUL: following the binary broker popularity % sometimes can be misleading as if it is showing 70% calls & 30% puts and you keep making call trades when the prices drop you will experience a series of losses and the odds are you will hit more 4th bets more than if you buy calls on uptrends and buy puts on down trends.

    1. find a good trend indicator.
    2. if a up trend and you buy calls only so your odds of winning are better.
    3. if a down trend and you buy puts only so your odds of winning are better.

    trading with the trend, I noticed a lot of 1st bets & 2nd bets winnnig and on occasion 3rd bet and once in a while a 4th bet winning. if a tie or if the 4th bet loses go back to 1st bet.

    60 sec trading uses the time to expire the option, not the close of the 1 min bar. so if you place a call at 6:29:10, then the call option will expire 60 seconds later @ 6:30:10 exactly 60 sec later. so you need to be fast when placing the trade.

    try the above with a demo acct to see if it works for you before going live.

    BEWARE: trading 60 sec trading just a few hours is not enough, you need to test it out at least a month or more to really see whether it works or not. I think this is why binary brokers only offer 24 hours demo acct so they can make money from our losing trades on our live accts from trading a system that we are not sure whether it works or not.

    hope this helps.

  30. Mike,

    Great comments and sounds like someone who looks at this seriously.

    Can see the benefits of trading as the minute chart (say on metatrader changes) when looking at trends

  31. I have been doing KJ system for 2 months now and made 850.00, very easy

  32. The KJ system does not work! I opened a demo account with Trade Rush several weeks ago. Since I’ve been testing on paper every day. At 1st when I lost 4 of 7 $100 bets I emailed Keith about this not even 50% winning % and he actually responded with an email (below). You will note there is a link for the “60 second fix”, guess what people, still doesn’t work. I also found another trading site that’s regulated and had it running real time with the TR EUR/USD pips, the other site was much more stable while the TR site would have crazy pip jumps then back or sometimes 1 over or under just enough to make the trade a loser. I’ve lost $150 in a couple days and am pulling the rest out to go to another more trustworthy site. Bottom line,even when there is a big trend upward or downward with the corresponding CALL or PUT there is no %100 guarantee that in those 4 mins to get thru to the $100 step 5 bet the trend will be in your favor. You can win for an hour in the $5, $10, &$ 25 bets for the $3.50, $2.00, & $2.50 profits for an hour then get to the $100 bet lose once and maybe, if your lucky be back to square 1, do that a couple times quick and it’s a long road back to even, and a lot longer shot. Do your due diligence, consult, make damn sure your comfortable before using real money.

    Here’s the email reply from KJ:

    “Sorry for delay, backlog in emails.

    To help you and guide you please use the following link. (new tool/widget has been added to ensure success even further)

    If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me back, here at 60 Second Profits we want every one of our valued customers to have a go at this system, because the number of positive emails and responses we get has actually blocked our servers, anyhow, we have managed to fix this problem now, so best of luck to you and happy holidays!!

    Remember, follow the guide and watch the video, watch it over and over, even make some notes and pause the video if you wish, make it as easy as possible to digest what we teach you, then take that leap of faith, give it a go, and we are all certain you will be back with your glowing feedback!!



    These are here to FULLY ensure you make money, do not get heroic, do not get greedy, follow these rules and you will make money!!

    Remember these rules are devised from HIGHLY EXPERIENCED traders who know exactly what they are doing, we want to hear your success stories!!”

  33. This is gimmick. Why would a person restrict you on specific binary account? Obviously, they are tie to the binary company for commission. They are not genuine product. sure win product does not need to depend on any account to generate profit.

  34. I have won a few bets so far but I wait for at least a 2 minute trend in one direction which usually coresponds to a high or low point first. By doing this does this not skip the first two bet steps? So by your 3rd bet if you have not won, the trend has gone 5 mins in one direction, this seems quite rare. Looking at the charts there was not often when it was over 5 minutes in one direction?

  35. Listen up folks. Do not try the martingale system it is pure gambling and you will lose in the end 100% of the time. It is a mathematical certainty. keith Jones is a crook a douche bag trying to milk a stupid idea. Guaranteed to win on 5th trade is absolute horseshit.

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